What is the single most important word when choosing your system?
The answer is -

Support – quite simply, the single most important word when choosing your POS or Accounting system. Regardless of how good your chosen system is, without the best possible support, you will not gain the most from your system and you risk losing money if support is not available as and when you need it.

Our support services cover all aspects of your system and are available to provide you with the reassurance that your system will be working how you need, when you need, so that computer system does not even cross your mind…’s just there, doing the job you expect it to without giving it a second thought.

Exceeding Customers Expectations

  • Exceptional commitment to customer service
  • 24 hour/7 day access to support technicians
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Knowledge base inquiries
  • Quick and convenient online-remote support system
  • On-site preventive maintenance & upgrade services
  • Customized support agreements available at a discounted rate

To request support services, please click here: Support Request Form

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